About Rainbow Chan Toronto Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is truly special. A day which you will remember for the rest of your life, a day where you and your most beloved profess to the world an undying bond made whole in holy matrimony. Rainbow knows just how significant this memory will be for you and your loved ones, as she had been honoured to play a part in many momentous matrimonial memories for countless couples. Rainbow Chan want this day to be perfect for you, because she knows how truly perfect it can be.


Rainbow Chan is a professional and highly experienced wedding planner and emcee from Toronto. With a background in radio, television, theater and stage performance, she serves as a unique and versatile addition to the cast-and-crew of your wedding planning process. With her finely crafted skill set, Rainbow can help you and your loved ones take your wedding dreams through the planning stage and into reality.

Rainbow Chan Toronto Wedding PlannerBACKGROUND

With an already impressive list of wedding services provided, from emceeing and entertainment to day-of-wedding coordination, Rainbow has kept herself busy in the wedding industry from as early as 2011. Rainbow soon obtained certification as a professional wedding planner through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, allowing her to add wedding planning as a skill in her already extensive repertoire.

In terms of broadcasting and emcee experience, Rainbow has a long history in the local Chinese community, providing her talents in singing emcee-ing at many local events, weddings and beauty pageants. Her due diligence paid off plenty, as she landed a gig on the OMNI 2 channel as a television talk-show host as well as a stint as a radio host for the Canadian Chinese Broadcast Company (also known as CCR in Toronto). Through her work, Rainbow found her true passion in weddings, and has focused on the magical experience of wedding days ever since.

Altogether, Rainbow makes for a perfect all-rounder for every wedding-day task you can possibly imagine. From organizing the events of your wedding experience, emceeing (in both English or Cantonese), and planning your wedding in Toronto all to the finest details and points to ensure perfection. Rainbow Chan has the ability, the talent and the passion needed to make your wedding day plans and dreams come true.

A joyful day

No day should be more beautiful, magical, memorable, inspiring, passionate and filled with more loving happiness than your very own wedding day. A special day to mark the beginning of a new life, a new direction, a new purpose and a new bond between you and your special someone. That’s why it is of utmost importance that such an outstanding occasion should be as stress-free and as immersive a sensory experience as possible; with an atmosphere that’s both calm and inviting yet full of joy. That’s why Rainbow has made it her mission, as a wedding planner and emcee with countless events done throughout Toronto, to create a perfect day that incorporates any and all of the above. Creating a wedding day which expresses your uniqueness, the loving bond between you and your future spouse, and one that will live on in memory for you and all your loved ones. Making this magic possible involves diligent organization and planning. For Rainbow, these worries are a piece of wedding-cake. Let her expert skill in all-things-weddings deal with the details, while you and your loved ones make every single moment of this magical day count.


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