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Frequently Asked Questions

Tying the knot, getting hitched, going to the chapel and getting married; however way you want to put it, a wedding by any other name remains still an almost herculean task to the unfamiliar couple freshly graduated from “she-said-yes” academy. That’s why eager couples with high hopes looking for a low-stress experience go to the experts, wedding planners that have years of experience and a long list of former customers that can attest to their skills, to make sure that every single detail that goes into planning a magnificent wedding experience gets the utmost attention needed. The result, of course, is an unforgettable wedding day filled to the brim with memories to last a lifetime for you and your loved ones. Naturally, you might have some questions when it comes to hiring a wedding planner to take care of your special day. That’s why we wrote this convenient FAQ. Scroll further to learn more about hiring a wedding planner, and maybe find an answer to any questions you might have.

Why hire a wedding planner?

It takes about 250 hours on average to plan out a full wedding from start to finish. Thus, hiring a wedding planner cuts this time-cost completely, giving you and your future spouse extra time and peace-of-mind before the big day ahead. From researching vendors to planning out all the details, the wedding planner does the legwork so that you don't have to. Apart from what you'd expect, a wedding planner can also help in prioritizing your vendors, help in getting your budget in order, provide qualified vendor referrals, accompany you to vendor meetings, ask the important questions to potential vendors, review vendor contracts, negotiate on your behalf and save you money along the way. As an added flair, wedding planners can provide creative décor and design ideas to truly make your wedding day shine brilliantly. And for that final month before your wedding, a wedding planner will confirm with your vendors, make a timeline, organize and run your wedding rehearsal, and will be there through the steps ahead so that you and your loved ones can truly make the most out of an entirely stress-free wedding experience.

We already have an event coordinator at my venue, why do we need a wedding planner?

If you have an event coordinator designated at a hotel or venue, their duty is to oversee the wedding details directly related to the hotel or venue only. So it is not within their job description to confirm with vendors, run wedding rehearsals, oversee the vendors on your wedding day, cue you down the aisle during ceremony and make sure all of the day's events are running according to schedule. So hiring a professional wedding planner serves to supplement any services offered by any designated coordinators or staff at the venue.

What Information should I provide the wedding planner with?

During your initial consultation with your potential wedding planner, it's best to have the following information ready: 1. An estimated budget 2. An estimated number of guests 3. A desired wedding date, month or season

How many weddings do you plan each year?

Each coordinator, by choice, typically plans 15 to 20 weddings per year; a combination of full-service, month-of and custom coordination clients. I typically work with no more than 3 weddings a month, with no more than one wedding per weekend. This is so that I'm able to control my workload much more efficiently in order to give my clients ample time and attention to ensure the best possible service.

Do you have ideas on how to make my wedding special, unique and memorable?

A favorite part of mine when it comes to my job as a wedding planner is working with clients in brainstorming and creating whatever it is that's necessary in order to make their wedding day extra-special and truly tailored to their personalities, likes and desires. I often keep myself up to date with the latest and greatest wedding trends so that I can offer creative and unique ideas for my clients' weddings.

Do you accept referral fees or “kickbacks” from other vendors?

No. I do not receive or accept any commissions from vendors that I work with or that I recommend. If a referral fee is offered, I decline and instruct the vendor that the kickback be forwarded to you, my client, in the form of a discount. Not always do I suggest the same vendors to each client – I refer vendors based on the client's needs and requirements. At an in-person meeting, I will listen closely to any and all ideas you put forward for your wedding day, and I will try my best to incorporate your chosen style and your budget concerns before offering vendor suggestions.

How do you handle last minute challenges and emergencies?

Events involve many varied factors, none-the-least the many people involved in putting together a perfect and flawless production with you, the client, in mind. We know well-and-all about the risks in event planning, in factoring what may or may not happen that could adversely affect your wedding experience. Rest assured, with years of experience comes knowledge of any and all contingency plans and back-ups should the occasion call for them.

How long have you been in business?

I've been involved in the wedding industry since 2011. Starting as an emcee and event coordinator for local community events, and working my way up to stints in television and broadcast radio, I've settled on my one true passion in wedding day planning. You can count on my years of experience to make your wedding day truly shine.

When is a good time to engage a wedding planner?

The earlier you contact a wedding planner, the better. From experience, an ideal time would be at least 3 to 4 months beforehand for a Month-of Coordination package. Partial planning occurs as soon as you book the major items in your schedule, such as a venue or church ceremony. Full planning occurs as soon as you can roughly decide when you'll be having your wedding dates held on, as well as when you decide on an ideal budget for spending on your wedding.

Can I afford a wedding planner?

Having a wedding planner at your service saves you both time and money. It takes roughly 250 hours to fully plan a wedding, and a single mistake in the process can be extremely costly, both time and money-wise. Hiring a wedding planner, who knows the ins and outs of the process, can also help you cut extraneous costs wherever they may be, ensuring that you get the most out of your wedding experience.

What certifications and/or experience do you have?

I am a certified wedding planner with training from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC). I've been in the wedding industry since 2011, and am involved with about 15 weddings per year.

What is the deposit payment for your service?

A deposit for the Month-Of Wedding Coordination Package or Day-Of Coordination Package costs $400. A deposit for Partial Wedding Coordination costs $600. A deposit for the Full Service Wedding Planning & Design Package costs $800.

What is the cost for your service?

The full cost of a professional wedding planner varies depending on the desired wedding experience and the date on which the wedding is held. I usually have an in-person meeting with my clients to get in touch with their specific needs and concerns, and to provide each of them a custom quote.

How early should we book you?

My schedule during the peak wedding season in the summer usually involves 2 weddings per month. So most of my clients book my services 7 months or so in advance.

Do you plan weddings outside of Toronto?

Yes! I plan weddings internationally. I have particular experience in planning weddings in New York, Hong Kong, and Asia in general.

My friend (or family member) is going to help me plan my wedding. Why do I need to have a professional planner?

Just as how on-site coordinators are responsible for a narrower scope when it comes to event planning and production, non-professional planners might not have the necessary know-how, experience, industry connections or the optimal skillset to deliver you the very best possible wedding day with as little last-minute hassle as can be. As the old saying goes, leave it to the professionals.