Classic Love – Toronto Wedding Planner Style Shoot at the Graydon Hall Manor

The vibrant interplay between the sensual and sentimental, the elegance and simplicity of an aesthetic which blends the beautiful with the boundless; of the perfectly captivating pull of sensuality coupled with thematic inspiration of the classically timeless and eternal. This perfectly crafted set of stylistic inspirations, of a delicately natural palette, of soft textures, a subdued assembly of accessories, a palette of neutral tones and an olive theme, and an altogether breathtakingly beautiful atmosphere to draw the entire ensemble as one, had been the principal inspiration for our latest styled shoot lovingly titled to its setting, “Graydon Hall”, an ode to the always stunning and ever-elegant Graydon Hall Manor wherein which our stylists, cast and crew had the perfect opportunity to create something truly awe-inspiring. “Graydon Hall” among the best of our style shoots to date, gracefully and perfectly draws collectively the sensuality of the physical with the sentimentality of nature, of the spirit and of the eternal appeal of artistry and beauty. To perfectly encapsulate this enchanting dialogue between our twin themes, we had chosen the ever lovely Graydon Hall Manor at the heart of Toronto’s Don Valley, an impeccable locale to achieve our ideal vision of an unspoiled and pristine garden setting coupled with a classically inspired choice of garments and accessories. A genuinely classical setting, Graydon Hall’s courtyard and entrance alongside its beautifully furnished main hall would be a perfect fit; offering an impressive arrangement of greenery and a touch of slate and stone to give a hint of classical architecture to an already impressive array for our styled shoot. As for the blending of the sensual and sentimental, our stylists had painstakingly arranged an impressive assortment of stylistic elements which constituted the core of our style set, and what truly made our styled shoot stand out as one for the ages. To start, we paired together beautifully soft wedding gowns care-of Ines Di Santo Haute Couture and millinery by Blair Nadeau with lace robes and lingerie care-of Lace Atelier, bringing an altogether sensuous and intimate touch to the styled shoot. For a classic fit, the groom’s apparel was specially provided by Theodore 1922 Menswear Boutique. A beautifully brilliant ring care-of Aimee Kennedy and a lovely ringbox specially crafted by Mrs. Box, and finally, matching invitations and stationary drawn ever-so-skilfully by Paula Lee Calligraphy, all combined created a genuinely majestic and magical atmosphere; of the truly sentimental and romantic aura of the perfect wedding day. So join us as we explore the lively and elegant interplay between the realm of sensuality and the classically inspired world of the sentimental and romantic with our styled shoot “Graydon Hall”, and be inspired by a skilful blend of styles and inspirations lovingly brought together to create something breathtakingly beautiful.

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