Dramatic and Colorful – Toronto Wedding Planner Style Shoot at Langdon Hall published on Grey Likes

A beautiful and picturesque parochial getaway, a cul-de- sac amid a colourful cornucopia of southern Ontario’s countryside’s most prized scenic retreats. Bringing together a touchingly elegant colour palette, lovingly assembled custom designs, a premier selection of wardrobe choices, and nature’s very own beautifully simple aesthetic adornments to make an unmistakably powerful artistic quality was our premier goal for our latest style shoot. Nestled down a quiet country road in the comfy community of Cambridge, just a stone’s throw away from Kitchener, is the namesake for our style shoot, Langdon Hall Country House, an absolutely stunning country estate surrounded by breathtaking scenery and picture-perfect locations for a truly unforgettable wedding day experience. One stylistic aim our designers had intended for this style shoot was the development and emphasis on the theme of contrasts; between light and dark, between colour and monotone, between us and nature. And with a cursory glance through our gallery, one can see these very same contrasts unfold to create a true unity between contrasting elements. From the get-go, one can see the contrast between the colour of bright-maroon red in the floral arrangements, between bouquets and boutonnieres for lapels, and the subdued light ashen grey and lily white wardrobe palette. A contrast of a colour scheme which engages the senses to one which is soft and simple creates an engaging and appealing aesthetic for the wedding’s overall theme. Using a simple setup for the wedding ceremony location in a perfect outdoor setting surrounded by Langdon Hall’s natural greenery, and right in front of cherry trees that perfectly fit the maroon red theme from earlier, our photo-shoot capitalized on every part of Langdon Hall’s perfect location to create a truly exquisite wedding day experience. For the dining table setup, we see again the use of contrasting bright maroon coupled with deep dark, shimmering gold and pure white; a genuinely eclectic ensemble of colours brought together perfectly for the scene. The stationary items as well, fashioned with a rustic and aged look, give the wedding day’s overall impression one of depth and refinement. All in all, with many contrasting elements left written on the canvas of our photographs, our latest style shoot was an unbelievable pleasure for us to have brought to life. From the picturesque countryside setting, to the themes of contrasts in our design choices, to the use of Langdon Hall’s beautiful forestry and wonderfully crafted garden. All in unison, a wondrous sea of contrasting elements coming together to bring something beautiful to life. And we hope you find it beautiful too, the magic within the grounds of Langdon Hall.

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