Toronto One King West Wedding Planner – Laura + Josh

Toronto One King West Wedding Planner

Most wouldn’t admit it, but we take after our parents in more ways than we would like to believe. An element of tradition is ever-embedded in our lives, and the first step in a line of tradition is to take after the curious traits brought forth by our family. So for us here at Rainbow Chan Weddings & Events, one of the top wedding planners and coordinators in Toronto, it was sincerely something remarkable when we worked with Laura & Josh on their very special wedding day, on a very special date; September 10th, 2016 just this previous fall in a beautiful wedding day ceremony and celebration held at Toronto’s always-gorgeous One King West Hotel & Residence at the heart of Toronto’s downtown core, and a favorite for our planners and coordinators. What makes Laura & Josh’s choice of September 10th so special – a date two years in the making – is that September 10th is the wedding day anniversary for both Laura & Josh’s parents; a very curious coincidence for two different couples with matching anniversaries to have their children celebrate their very own wedding day on such an anniversary date, making for a beautiful homage to their parents. A classy couple in all regards, Laura & Josh’s wedding day carried with it a certain sense of elegance and grace from start to finish; between the elegant choice of venue which incorporates a cityscape aesthetic to the wedding day festivities, to the overall themes and stylistic choices by our planners and coordinators to add a refined touch to every element of Laura & Josh’s wedding day celebration. So join us as we recall some of our most favoured memories in planning and coordinating Laura & Josh’s unforgettable wedding day ceremony and celebration, an overview of the very special venue choice of One King West Hotel & Residence, and a brief review of our magnificent and mesmerizing design choices and stylistic goals in planning and coordinating Laura & Josh’s wedding day, and what gave such a special date its characteristic classy flair.

Work on planning and coordinating Laura & Josh’s wedding day began on an early autumn morning, with our planners and coordinators making their arrival at One King West to assist in setup and preparations at One King West’s Austin Gallery on the 12th floor and the Grand Banking Hall – historic ballroom space which would become centre stage for Laura & Josh’s centrepiece wedding day. Some of our most treasured memories from planning and coordinating Laura & Josh’s wedding day included the very special surprise at the end; two towering anniversary cakes as a surprise for both Laura & Josh’s parents on both their anniversaries. A true dedication to their families on the part of Laura & Josh to hold their wedding day on their parents’ matching anniversaries, and to also commemorate the anniversaries as such with an unbelievably heartwarming surprise, truly a touching moment we were proud to be a part of. And altogether, from start to finish, Laura & Josh’s wedding day was a resounding success; as the story of Laura & Josh’s wedding day is spelled out in the included highlight portfolio pictures. Indeed, nothing could please our planners and coordinators more than a job well done, and in the end, a beautiful story told in images of a dream fulfilled.

A few words on Laura & Josh’s immensely impressive wedding day venue choice, and an all-time-favorite of our planners and coordinators; One King West Hotel & Residence right at the heart of Toronto’s bustling downtown core, and just steps away from the iconic CN Tower and Rogers Centre, among many of Toronto’s most famous hallmarks. Laura & Josh’s day at One King West was partitioned in two parts, the ceremony being held on the 12th floor Austin Gallery, and the reception and celebration at the Grand Banking Hall. Both genuinely remarkable and historic venues, for the Austin Gallery, Laura & Josh were afforded two thousand square feet of ceremony space in a comfy and exclusive private suite with the most elegant furnishings imaginable. And for the Grand Banking Hall, taking its name from the time One King West had housed the Dominion Bank, is itself a breathtaking display of architecture; featuring Corinthian columns, a 100-foot long bar and windowpanes which soar over the space’s picturesque interior. So it’s no surprise that One King West would be a favorite for our planners and coordinators, and one of the reasons why Laura & Josh’s wedding day setting sincerely made the beloved couple shine.

So with that, we here at Rainbow Chan Weddings and Events, Toronto’s premier wedding planners and coordinators, had an absolutely magnificent time working with Laura & Josh on their truly breathtaking and altogether timeless and classical wedding day. Our planners and coordinators were very glad to have had the opportunity to contribute their skills and talents to creating the very best wedding setting for Laura & Josh, and would like to wish the newlyweds the very best in their newfound lives together. Knowing how Laura & Josh take after their parents, who knows, maybe we’ll be working again on another September 10th wedding in the unforeseen future.

Onto our design and style choices for Laura & Josh. Our planners and coordinators aimed for a timeless aesthetic to accompany the couple on their wedding day – as a timeless and classic theme would compliment well with the historic venue choice of Toronto’s One King West. The colour theme of ornate gold, sharp brass and subdued grey tones alongside a light palette of soft white and carnation pink for the floral furnishings, including Laura’s bouquet, following a timeless white and bright green theme, made for an impressive contrast. Indeed, from the couple’s stationary set with beautifully flowing calligraphy, to an overlooking scene of the evening’s dining hall as a cornucopia of classical themes, Laura & Josh’s wedding day was truly a timeless treasure.


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