Paris Meets New York – Wedluxe Editorial Magazine Publication Style Shoot at Toronto Graydon Hall Manor

The eternal beauty of a style which transcends borders and boundaries. An ageless aesthetic which combines the old world and the new. A menagerie of essential stylistic elements which distils an eternal and pure form of beauty; simple, clean, modern and chic. Conjuring this perfected image, of the intersection of elegance, charm, grace and simplicity into a sensual, visual and visceral experience between two indispensable stylistic sources would be our pivotal inspiration for our latest styled shoot, “Garance Doré: Paris Meets New York”. Inspired by our selected IT girl Garance Doré, famed French photographer, author, artist and fashionista, “Paris Meets New York” is an engaging and altogether immersive journey which explores a cavalcade of perfected stylistic forms, timeless inspirations and boundless beauty, elements which are central to Garance Doré’s aesthetic. Staying true to its name, and its main source of inspiration, “Paris Meets New York” is a styled shoot which blends the two disparate styles of two central cosmopolitan centres of art and fashion, in the vein of Garance Doré’s overall style; that of the eternal European metropolis of Paris, and the modernist art-deco sensibilities of the towering megaliths of New York, symbolic of the new world and the modern age. To truly capture such an interesting and elegant contrast between old and new, and finding the common element of the sublime between them, our stylists and planners had chosen one of our most favoured of wedding day and styled shoot venues, Toronto’s Graydon Hall Manor, a beautiful villa nestled cozily in the heart of the Toronto suburb of North York. Graydon Hall Manor’s interior would make for a perfect place for our styled shoot; with walls pristinely fashioned in a classical Parisian style, with breathtaking scenic artwork etched within its walls, and a lovingly crafted fireplace to serve as a centre stage to the styled shoot’s performance. Altogether bringing various essential pieces of our stylistic goal together in one beautifully wrapped package. To begin with our design choices, our stylists and planners had chosen a set of magnificently elegant wedding gowns and veils care-of Catherine Langlois Bridal Design Studio; carefully selecting a soft and demure gown which perfectly accents the bride’s natural blush and glowing beauty on her wedding day, as well as emboldening a modern and simplistic theme which echoes Garance Doré’s work.

Our selected model fashioned with short shoulder-length hair is also emblematic of Garance Doré’s style, almost serving as a stand-in for the prolific author, photographer and fashionista herself. For the various stylistic accessories, tableware and various adornments were provided by Simply Beautiful Décor, and true to its name, were simply beautiful to a tee, alongside a clean palette for the stationary theme and impressively crafted font-work provided by Simply Sealed. The stationary theme and font is inspired by the cover of Garance Doré’s novel, “Love Style Life”, with added inspiration gained from Garance Doré’s artwork. Opting for a rustic modernist style enveloped within the backdrop of Graydon Hall Manor’s elegant Parisian space, the dining set was lovingly arranged to bring out the perfect contrast between the two styles. With chic lighting arranged to invoke an art-deco aesthetic, charred black candles strewn about a beautifully green bouquet serving as a centerpiece atop a finely fashioned wooden tabletop, such a superb spectacle blending several styles together was one among our achievements in creating the perfect fusion of “Paris Meets New York”. For the wedding cake, an impressive work of culinary art care-of Toronto-based boutique bakery Amanda Foong Cakes served as the centerpiece of our inspired palette and stylistic theme. That and an absolutely breathtaking wedding ring, a perfectly fashioned square diamond which elegantly spells out the styled shoot’s overall theme; chic, modern, clean-cut and pristine, a sensual experience from start to finish. Between the sharp black and lily white, emblematic of strong and independent femininity coinciding with stylish simplicity, and the interplay of colours in between, “Paris Meets New York” is truly a sight to see, of a breathtaking homage to the common thread between two continental traditions, and the fashionista whom inspired it all. So immerse yourself in the beautiful style of Garance Doré, be captivated, uplift your senses and be caught in the crossroads of two timeless traditions in our latest styled shoot, “Paris Meets New York”.

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