The Classic Style Shoot – Toronto Wedding Planner Style Shoot at Dundurn Castle as seen on Wedding Chicks

The allure of a classical beauty, the appeal of an eternal essence molded from timeless beginnings and ingrained into our being. Something fantastical, romantic, inexplicable yet deeply profound, moving and unmistakably impeccable; with a touch of playfulness, a streak of daring adventure and the thrill of life in its most animated sense. Such were our sources of inspiration for our latest styled shoot, “Classy”, a gorgeous piece which aims to bring the classiest of classical aesthetics to the forefront alongside an effervescent aura of creativity, magnanimity and a truly human essence to tie it all together. True to its name, “Classy” symbolizes both the rogue element which animates our everyday lives, fuels our passions and emboldens the bonds borne from love and romance, and the classical structure of aesthetics and themes which finds a universal appeal to our senses; simplicity, elegance, gracefulness and perfection in all facets. To truly capture the essence of classiness in our styled shoot, our stylists and co-ordinators had chosen the immaculate and historic Dundurn Castle on York Boulevard in Hamilton. A breathtaking 18,000 square-foot castle built in the 1830s, the estate of Dundurn Castle has been designated as a National Historic Site of Canada, a prestigious title rightly earned through its gorgeous neoclassical design, its historic status and its undeniable classical charm. From its spacious estate greenery to a private chapel on its grounds, to its finely crafted edifice and Tuscan columns which serve to magnify its neoclassical roots, Hamilton’s Dundurn Castle would be a perfect fit for our styled shoot design goals, and a truly classy choice for a classical theme. To complement the classiness of our venue, our stylists and co-ordinators had crafted an impressive colour palette and aesthetic theme to match the immensity of the neoclassical environment; a breathtaking array of the deepest black to the softest white, accented by choice selections of glittering gold and cool copper bronze. For the dresses, our stylists had chosen a prim and proper pair of gowns and suits care-of Sash and Bustle and The Theodore 1922 respectively. The wedding gown, clean and shimmering white in all its simplicity, would be the perfect pair to match a thoroughly trimmed and tailored suit and bow-tie, a novel and ‘classy’ choice to contrast with the classical atmosphere of the shoot. Indeed, in a particular shot, the elegantly simple wedding gown is coupled by our bride with an astute lipstick shade of bright red, reminiscent of the iconic and “classy” style of Marilyn Monroe. As for stationaries, our styled shoot found added charm through the beautifully prepared stationery accessories care-of Written by Natalie, a home-grown Toronto-based artist offering the finest of calligraphy and stationery services. With the goal of a clean and timeless style for our wedding styled shoot stationaries, Natalie had provided beautiful letterpress invitation cards, placeholders, envelopes and more, altogether adding to the classiness and extravagance of the piece. We had also chosen to showcase a variety of centerpieces and accessories which perfectly complements a ‘classy’ wedding theme. From an impeccable pair of jet black stilettos, to a finely prepared wedding cake care-of Flour and Flower Cake Design, to a magnificently gorgeous wedding ring by Cynthia Findlay; all of which perfectly encapsulate our chosen colour palette of the playful contrast between black and white, and accents of gold and silver strewn about. So come with us, venture into a world of style, vibrancy and beauty, and be enchanted by our “Classy” styled shoot; a perfect menagerie of elegance, classiness, playfulness and simplicity.

As Seen On Wedding Chicks

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