Toronto Planner at Hart House U of T for Chinese & Korean Mixed Wedding

The best love stories are always the ones that start from the earliest of ages. From a childhood crush to a lifelong friendship, and an unbroken vow for those whose fates are ultimately intertwined; for couples who were ‘made for one another’. So for us here at Rainbow Chan Weddings and Events, one of the top wedding planners and coordinators in Toronto, such beautifully romantic tales make for the most perfect storylines for our planners and coordinators to work on. And this would be all too true for the story of Diana & Kevin, a pair of childhood friends who began their lives together in kindergarten, begun dating a decade ago, and have been brought by fate to tie the knot just this past September 3rd, 2016 in a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception held at the University of Toronto’s historic Hart House. An interesting cross-cultural experience for our planners and coordinators, Kevin and Diana are Korean and Chinese respectively, and had chosen to adopt an eclectic cross-cultural motif for their wedding day. Planning and coordinating Diana & Kevin was particularly special for us here at Rainbow Chan Weddings and Events, as Diana is a cousin of our head planner and coordinator Rainbow Chan, with Rainbow doing her due diligence to deliver the very best for her family. Discovering and exploring themes which revolve around Diana & Kevin’s lifelong friendship, planning and coordinating turned out spectacularly, as we shall see soon. So join us as we recall our many unforgettable memories made during Diana & Kevin’s wedding day, a review of Diana & Kevin’s beautiful venue choices for their special day, and a summary of our designer’s stylistic choices in planning and coordinating Diana & Kevin’s breathtaking wedding experience, bringing the magic of artistry and style together to create a truly perfect day for a very special couple.

Planning and coordinating Diana & Kevin’s special day began on a perfect autumn morning, at 7AM in the morning, with our planners and coordinators arriving at both bride and groom’s residences to prepare and plan the unfolding of a beautiful wedding day. Setting up the floral display and wedding day décor to add our own very special touch of planning and coordinating to make Diana & Kevin’s wedding day all-the-more beautiful. An interesting and unique part of Diana & Kevin’s wedding day was planning a pit-stop at Diana & Kevin’s old elementary school, a very special place from their shared childhood, Kennedy Public School. Including this sacred space where two lifelong friends first met as an homage to their lives together was a truly touching gesture. And between the morning’s preparations, the heartfelt visit to their old grounds, and the wedding day altogether, the roller-coaster of emotions between ceremony and celebration, and every moment thus far made planning and coordinating Diana & Kevin’s wedding day truly a magical time for our planners and coordinators.

For Diana & Kevin’s choice of wedding day venue, our planners and coordinators had chosen, with the soon-to-be bride & groom, the ever-beautiful and truly historic Hart House on the campus of the University of Toronto. Established in 1919 as a student centre, and serving as such ever since, the University of Toronto’s Hart House has been a favorite destination for many couples on their wedding day; and makes for a particularly popular wedding day spot during the summer season. Built in a gothic architectural style, with its historic quality visibly pronounced in the sprawling ivies which abound its outer walls, the University of Toronto’s Hart House Centre was a superb venue choice for Diana & Kevin, and an all-time favourite for our planners and coordinators. A historic venue for a timeless love story. Having held their Chinese door-games and tea ceremonies at Diana’s humble home, the Hart House would play a pivotal role as the stage for Diana & Kevin’s Korean wedding ceremony; where our planners and coordinators had arranged a colourful and eclectic cultural window. One into a wonderful traditional wedding ceremony between couple which rejoices in an exchange of their cultural heritages.

And finally, a look back at our planners and coordinators’ theme and style choices for Diana & Kevin’s wedding day; what ultimately made our work on the couple’s unforgettable day all-the-more worth it. Our design goal for Diana & Kevin was a hodgepodge of three essential influences: the interplay between Diana & Kevin’s cross-cultural heritages, the eternal inspiration of nostalgia which tie the thread between Diana & Kevin, and an altogether classical and romantic wedding style to wrap it all together in a perfect package. The piercing red and gold borrowed from Diana’s Chinese tradition, to the curious and fascinating cornucopia of colours behind Kevin’s traditional Korean aesthetic; the beautiful blending of both traditions made planning and coordinating Diana & Kevin’s wedding day truly a vibrant experience. The inclusion of a trip to Diana & Kevin’s elementary school was a perfect touch, and the interesting addition of a school-bus during the photo-shoot and ceremony at the University of Toronto’s Hart House was an excellent homage to Diana & Kevin’s long history together. And finally, the classical wedding themes to underlie it all; a gorgeous white wedding gown for Diana and a stylish and sharp suit for Kevin, wine-tasting under candlelight and bountiful bouquets of floral arrangements all throughout, nothing could be more perfectly arranged for Diana & Kevin to make their unforgettable wedding day truly stand the test of time, as the two have done throughout the many years they’ve been together.

And in the end, we here at Rainbow Chan Weddings and Events, Toronto’s premier wedding planners and coordinators, had an absolutely fantastic time working with Diana & Kevin on their impeccable wedding day ceremony and celebration. With a trip down memory lane, and an endless road in the horizon, we have nothing but the best wishes for Diana & Kevin on their lives together. We wish the two the very best, and hope that our work for them in planning and coordinating their wedding day will always serve as a token to an age-old love story, a childhood crush, and a life made happily-ever-after.


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