Winter Bliss – Toronto Wedding Style Shoot at the Holcim Waterfront Estate

Immerse yourself in a winter’s bliss, and envelop your senses in the season’s snowy embrace. The cold and austere beauty of a frozen landscape, icicles illuminated like shimmering diamonds, flower petals strewn about like freshly fallen powdered snow. This scenic and picturesque vision of the quintessential ‘winter wonderland’ – of the juxtaposition of a glacial getaway which exuded a warming comfort – was our main inspiration for our latest style shoot, “Winter Bliss”. Simplicity in beauty, a theme that held true to its inspiration, and crafting it all together like an artisan picking at an ice-block to form a stunning winter sculpture; “Winter Bliss”, with its frostbitten façade and wintry wholesomeness, is a true stylistic homage to the most sentimental of all seasons. Befitting the thematic style of an idyllic winter getaway, we had chosen the historic Holcim Waterfront Estate in Mississauga; an enchanting manor which, come wintertime, overlooks an expanse of a frozen lake Ontario in its horizon. Bewitched by the estate’s charming interior, with an atmosphere befitting a winter’s aesthetic, the estate’s expansive space made for the perfect setting for a simple style to truly shine. To add to the frozen cold canvas of an idyllic venue and a cozy interior arranged for the style shoot, our stylists – like true artists – pieced together many inspired elements and disparate design choices brought to the fold to create a magnificent whole as a final product; a truly perfect winter wedding scene. An elaborately elegant bright white wedding gown care of Valencienne Bridal Design, fit to match a bountiful bouquet provided by Ashton Creative. And in the backdrop, a perfectly arranged floral centerpiece; of flower petals minutely arranged so as to resemble the intricacies of a forest’s frozen foliage amidst winter’s deep freeze. For the tableware accessories and chairs, our designers emphasized the parallel to a winter’s frozen getaway by employing a transparent theme, such that the seating arrangements appeared as though they were sculpted from fresh ice caught in mid-thaw. Perusing through the pictures, there are plenty of winter-themed allusions to be found; from the chiseled craftsmanship found in the cake design, to the overarching thread of winter-inspired embroidery to tie the whole style shoot together, and plenty more. So join us in a winter wonderland. Be captivated by the cooling charm of a wisp of winter, become spell-bound by the subsuming sentimentality of a style-shoot built on an edifice of snow and ice, and find yourself this winter season truly experiencing the magic of “Winter Bliss”.

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