Our shoot at the Walper Hotel in Kitchener, Ontario combined modern minimalism with fairytale worthy décor elements to create a timeless, ethereal aesthetic. This hotel is truly unique – it encapsulates the charming “small town” feel of Kitchener with its traditional architecture dating back to 1893. However, the décor and style of the hotel isn’t what you’d expect from a century old building. There is a distinctly midcentury modern feel to it – very minimalistic with clean lines and pops of colour. The finishes are extremely on-trend and updated. The mix of the classical architecture and ultra-modern finishes gives this venue a timeless feel – like it would fit seamlessly into more than one era. 

The incredible arch made entirely of wild greens is definitely non-traditional, but the organic, lush styling makes it feel whimsical and fairytale-esque. The white walls and mid-tone floors make this look feel entirely timeless. The gown from Blushing Bridal and bouquet tie in seamlessly. Clean lines and versatile, minimalistic design mean that this look could work in any space and any era.  The tablescape uses the same neutral tones and classic design but incorporates some trendy elements like the two-tone flatware, knotted napkins and crystal chairs from Simply Beautiful Décor and Chairman Mills. The blush accents add a romantic and ethereal feel, which tie this tablescape into the theme. The cake display encapsulates this whole theme – timelessness with a pop of ethereal romanticism.

Classic Neutral