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Building a beautiful future, one precious memory at a time. The journey from friendship to courtship, to a walk down the aisle, and a walk towards a lifetime ahead, such inspiring stories is what motivates us here at Rainbow Chan Weddings, one of the top wedding planners and coordinators in Toronto. And through our work in planning and coordinating such unforgettable wedding day memories, our planners and coordinators feel proud for every couple and every perfect wedding day we work with. Such was how we felt when working with Cynthia & Jonathan just this past autumn season in their perfect fall wedding day held on September 30th, 2017; in a gorgeous wedding day ceremony and reception held at Toronto’s brilliant Canoe Restaurant on 66 Wellington St. West, right in the heart of downtown Toronto. A young couple with a shared Chinese heritage, Cynthia & Jonathan’s wedding day would be a truly emotional and touching experience, with a perfect blend of the couple’s Chinese heritage and a theme that’s ultra-chic and modern; for a wedding day that’s “truly Toronto”. So planning and coordinating such a unique and wonderful wedding day was an absolute pleasure for our planners and coordinators, from the earliest morning ceremonies to the late hours of the night. So join us as we recall the spectacular time our planners and coordinators had in working with Cynthia & Jonathan on their truly unforgettable wedding day, along with a review of the breathtaking Canoe Restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto, and a review of our planners and coordinators’ style choices for Cynthia & Jonathan, giving a special touch to a truly special day.

Planning and coordinating Cynthia & Jonathan’s wedding day began on a bright mid-autumn September day, with our planners and coordinators arriving at Cynthia’s home to help in the set-up and preparations for the long day ahead. Planning ahead, our planners and coordinators helped Cynthia & Jonathan in picking the perfect décor, stationeries, and the overall look and feel of their wedding spaces to create a perfect fit for the couple on their perfect day. From working on the setup, the meet and greet with parents, relatives and loved ones during the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, and the always-exciting Chinese wedding day door games, the entire package wrapped up nicely for Cynthia & Jonathan would make a truly special occasion for a truly wonderful couple. Sharing the spotlight with their elderly relatives in heartwarming group photographs, and photos with extended family and friends, nothing could be more perfect and make our planners and coordinators more happy than such an unbelievably heartwarming scene; of a couple’s shared love celebrated on their wedding day.

And to wrap it all up, a look back at the exquisite style and design choices picked by our planners and coordinators for Cynthia & Jonathan’s wedding day; the role that would make our work with Cynthia & Jonathan a truly special gift for a young couple on their wedding day. Our planners and coordinators’ design goal for Cynthia & Jonathan was the delicate balance between a chic, stylish, and ultra-modern style, and an ode to Cynthia & Jonathan’s shared Chinese culture and heritage. With beautiful silken gowns to contrast with sharp suits in full western fashion, highlighted by a wedding space lined with a golden backdrop and golden-coloured accessories, the general theme of Cynthia & Jonathan’s wedding day for our planners and coordinators was sleek, stylish, and clean-cut. Strewn about as well were ornaments of brilliant bright red, to accentuate and represent the couple’s Chinese heritage; from select accessories and tableware, to the shimmering red and gold wardrobe worn by Cynthia during select special moments throughout the day. All in all, this evocative blend of themes and the elegant stylistic selections to accent both themes made Cynthia & Jonathan’s already beautiful day all the more beautiful.

For Cynthia & Jonathan’s choice of wedding day venue, our planners and coordinators had picked the perfect wedding space for the young and entrepreneurial Chinese couple; the beautiful Canoe Restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto. Inspired by the diversity of Canada’s geography, history, and culture, Canoe has been in the business of serving a quintessentially Canadian experience for over 20 years. With a brilliant spot on Toronto’s map, on Wellington St. West on the 54th floor of the famous Toronto Dominion Centre, Canoe offers an absolutely unique event experience; with breathtaking views of the Toronto cityscape at the centre of Toronto’s financial district. Built with a stylish and chic atmosphere in mind, Cynthia & Jonathan had held both their wedding ceremony and celebration in an absolutely immaculate space; a true dream-destination for a wedding night, and one that’s quickly become a favourite between our planners and coordinators.

And so, to conclude, we here at Rainbow Chan Weddings and Events, Toronto’s premier wedding planners and coordinators, had a truly magnificent time working with Cynthia & Jonathan on their wonderful wedding day; on top of the world at Canoe Restaurant in the heart of Toronto’s downtown financial centre. Our planners and coordinators are nothing short of ecstatic and truly thankful to have had the opportunity to play a part in creating an unforgettable wedding day experience for Cynthia & Jonathan, in making their dream wedding day a reality. So all in all, we here at Rainbow Chan Weddings and Events wish Cynthia & Jonathan all the very best in their shared future together, and we hope that our work on their wedding day will always resonate with the couple all throughout their lives.

Wedding Planner: Rainbow Chan Weddings | Venue: Canoe Restaurant |  Photography: Luminous Weddings | Cakes & Desert: Ruelo | DJ Service: Impact DJ

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