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For us here at Rainbow Chan Weddings, one of the top wedding planners and coordinators in Toronto, elegance and execution is everything. The combination of class and style, tradition and excellence, simplicity and beauty, and all the magical things that can be found in between, are all familiar parts of our planners and coordinators’ palette in the design and creation of truly splendid wedding day scenes. And all these things and more can be found readily in a perfectly prepared wedding day for a perfectly paired couple. Such is what brings us to the story of Grace & Stuart, a young Chinese couple who tied the knot just last year on August 5th, 2017 in a gorgeous ceremony and reception dually held at Vaughan’s spacious and spectacular Universal EventSpace, with morning’s preparations held at the luxurious Elements Vaughan Southwest Hotel, and a scenic stop-by at a favourite of our planners and coordinators, the breathtaking Kortright Conservation Area and Kleinburg Village Area. A genuine adventure for our planners and coordinators, witnessing the blossoming of a truly beautiful fairy tale, and playing a part in the setup and buildup to the long-awaited scene of the couple’s wedding day, from beginning to end; nothing can please our planners and coordinators more! So join us as we recall the many special memories our planners and coordinators had made with Grace & Stuart on their blessed wedding day. With a brief review of Grace & Stuart’s excellent choice of venues for a perfect fit for their occasion, and a summary of our planners and coordinators’ stylistic choices  for Grace & Stuart’s wedding day; bringing the very best of class and style, elegance and execution, and all in between for a truly special couple on a very special day.

The work of planning and coordinating Grace & Stuart’s wedding day began on a beautiful August morning, with our planners and coordinators arriving at the luxurious Elements Vaughan Southwest Hotel to assist both bride and groom for their perfect day-to-be ahead of them. Arranging for the floral display, bouqets and boutonneries to arrive at Vaughan’s Universal EventSpace, our planners and coordinators had fit some time in the schedule to arrange and coordinate the bride and groom’s centre stage so that it would be perfect from the bride’s arrival to the glorious walk-back down the aisle. From the morning setup for Grace & Stuart; meeting with parents on both sides, the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, traditional Chinese door games, and the perfect flurry of emotions and inspiration brought to the ceremony and celebration, all brought together through planning and coordinating, made Grace & Stuart’s wedding day an absolute joy to play a part in from beginning to end. And at the height of the summer season, Grace & Stuart shared with us a truly special memory to mark the rest of their lives together.

And for such a majestic wedding day to mark the beginning of their future, Grace & Stuart had selected the spacious and beautiful Universal EventSpace Banquet Hall in Vaughan. Making its debut just recently in 2015, and boasting a grand 85,000 sq. ft. of space, Vaughan’s up-and-coming Universal EventSpace was a daring and bold choice for Grace & Stuart, and one that would be perfect for our planners and coordinators to work with. A chic, stylish and ultra-modern venue set in the ever-developing district of Vaughan, the venue pick fit perfectly with Grace & Stuart, a young, forward-looking and entrepreneurial couple ready to face the future together. And on the other hand, Grace & Stuart had also chosen a favourite of our planners and coordinators, Vaughan’s Kortright Conservation Area. With its breathtaking natural sights and beautiful forested location, the Kortright Conservation Area served to set an organic and vibrant tone to Grace & Stuart’s wedding celebration.

And finally, a look back at our planners and coordinators’ stylistic choices for Grace & Stuart’s wedding day; what truly made our work with the couple all-the-more worth it. Our grand design goal for Grace & Stuart’s wedding day was the blending of two essential stylistic sources: Grace & Stuart’s shared Chinese cultural heritage – with its emphasis on family and tradition, and an inspiration drawn from the chic, cutting-edge and ultra-modern – of what is fashionable, trendsetting and is at the forefront of what’s new and unique. A truly curious blend which fit flawlessly with Grace & Stuart’s seamless execution on their wedding day. First off, the modern look was accomplished through Grace & Stuart’s choice of colour palette; an eclectic blend of seafoam green and tiffany blue present in the bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding cake, and the sharp indigo and midnight navy blue of the groom and groomsmen’s sharply tailored suits. A genuinely unique colour scheme that gave Grace & Stuart’s wedding day its own charming quality. Alongside the brilliant red of the traditional Chinese dress worn by Grace during the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and door games, we are also brought back to both brilliant red and yellow themes with Grace & Stuart’s evening celebration which featured a dazzling dragon dance, a hallmark of Chinese culture. The perfect and flawless blending of these two stylistic themes, and having these design choices brought effortlessly to life by Grace & Stuart made planning and coordinating the couple’s wedding day for our planners and coordinators a genuinely unforgettable experience.

So with all that said, we here at Rainbow Chan Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding planners and coordinators, would like to wish Grace & Stuart nothing but the very best in their lives and future together. Our planners and coordinators would like to thank the newlywed couple for giving them the opportunity to contribute what they could in making the couple’s wedding day a truly splendid and unforgettable occasion, filled with liveliness and vibrancy from beginning to end. We wish Grace & Stuart a life of happiness together, and hope that our work with them will always be a timeless treasure of a truly special day.

Photography – Xero Digital | Wedding Planner – Rainbow Chan Weddings |
Florist – International Florist | Furniture – Detailz Couture | Make-up and Hair – Blushing Belles | Cake – Patisseri V. Marie | Audio DJ – S4 Entertainment | Ceremony Music – Wellington Music | Venue – Universal Event Space

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